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    Post by Coco on 19/2/2010, 10:35 am

    Procedures and Articles of the Knights Templar:

    Article I : name & purpose of Organization

    We are the Knights Templar. We are a casual, Federation affiliated, Star Trek Online fleet. We stand for justice by protecting the weak & helpless
    while giving respect to all who come within hailing range. This is our purpose, these are our goals. The Knights Templar fleet follows the creed of the original Knights Templar, though we each follow our own religious beliefs.

    Article II : Membership eligibility & selection

    Fleet members are to uphold the principles of The United Federation Of Planets. If you wish to join our fleet and become a member, then this should be your first obligation.
    All of those who wish to join the Knights Templar must agree to uphold the values and principles set out in the above article and the Fleet's charter.

    In addition, all members must be of an appropriate age to bear arms in service to the people (21 years of age).

    Article II, Section I

    Those coming of age in the year of their application will be considered on a case by case basis and confirmed to the fleet by the Order.

    Article II, Section II
    Dual fleeting is not allowed within this fleet. Members wishing to be part of another fleet can do so, but will be removed from the fleet roster and put on guest status here on the forum.
    Members who purposefully keep their dual fleet status from us, will be banned both in game and on the forum.

    Article III : Fleet positions

    The fleet's ranking system is kept as simple as possible. Almost all members have the same rank. However, some special ranks are required for administrative and game purposes. All ranks are as follows:

    Pages - These are personnel who have recently joined the fleet or have yet to be Knighted. If you become a Page we would ask you to provide assistance to other players whenever possible in game and on the forum. All members are encouraged to contribute on any and all levels. We have an open door policy. This means you are encouraged to communicate with all the fleet members, regardless of rank. Remember, the door is always open. The idea behind this is to promote a free movement of communication between all members. If you would like to contribute to the fleet in any way, shape or form please do so!

    Knights - Are all members who have proven their worth as an integral part of the fleet. All members, casual or not, can attain this rank and will be accepted upon a supporting vote by the Order. Their duties consist of upholding the principles of the fleet and the Federation, participating on the forum and in game whenever possible, and maintaining the good name of our fleet. The main responsibility of the original Knights was to grant safe passage to travellers. As we grow and hold our own sector(s) of space, each knight should be willing to help ships in distress in our sector(s) and beyond, with our very lives if necessary.
    A Knight should be an example of what our values are all about.

    Field Marshal - The Field Marshal takes up the task of organizing the fleet's PvP teams, helping other members with tips and tricks, character builds and overseeing practice matches within the fleet. The field Marshal is selected by our members in a vote and reside in that position for an indefinite term of service.

    Special Envoys - Are the diplomatic contacts of our fleet. Envoys are selected by our members in a vote and reside in that position for an indefinite term of
    service. Their duties consist of promoting our fleet both in and out of game, acting as contact point for other fleet diplomats, as well as organizing and maintaining inter-fleet operations and relations. They can negotiate treaties with other fleets but final approval remains in the hands of our members.

    The Order - Consists of a minimum of 5 members, elected by the fleet. They will serve a term of 6 months, with an election for half its members every 3 months. Re-election is only possible if there are not enough candidates available, or after a 6 month period. Their duties consist of helping forum members, knighting members, awarding medals and ribbons, managing in game fleet resources, arbitrating disputes, keeping tally of fleet action participation, being contact points for new members and future applicants, and organizing fleet chats.

    Order Trainer - A former Order member elected by the fleet who resides in that position for an indefinite amount of time. The position's main duty consists of aiding new Order members in their positions, helping them get their footing and teaching them the ropes. He/she can help with internal Order issues and conflicts in an advisory capacity.

    Administrator - There are 3 administrators with an open term. Their duties consist of moderating the forum, maintaining the forum and all upgrades, sending news letters informing members of all new fleet developments, and managing the rights, ranks, medals and ribbons of all members of the forum. They inform the Order of all members that have met Knighthood criteria and are moderators for internal Order disputes or unresolved disputes between regular members and Order members. On the forum their colour will be that of a moderator's, unless they hold a secondary position.

    Article III, Section I

    The Special Envoys, Order Trainer and Field Marshal have the right to stand down from the position after giving a month's notice. Should this occur, the member leaving the position should be willing to spend time with the new position holder to get them up to speed on any events or progressions as is necessary for them to optimize their newly found position.

    Article III, Section II

    Any member may call on the Order if they have any issues with another member.
    If issues with the Order or Order Trainer arise which can't be resolved, the administrators will arbitrate. In extreme cases members can be removed from the position as well as the fleet.

    Article III, Section III

    Any Knight may become a member of the Order. A thread will be started on the forum a month before any seats become available. Any Knight wishing to make an application should do so on this thread.

    Article III, Section IV

    Any knighted member can apply for a position that opens up during the first week of the voting procedure. A member can only hold one position at a time, with the exception of administrators who can hold a second position.

    Article III, Section V

    Voting procedure four week turnaround:

    Week 1: Applications will be open for one week.

    Week 2-3: Voting will become open for one week. In the event of a tie the tied members will then be placed into another vote lasting another week.

    Week 4: New positions confirmed on the forum. New position holders have a meeting with the former holders (or the Order trainer in the case of new Order members) & spend up to one week to help them get up to speed on all topics & information. Member status changes at the end of week 4.

    Article IV : Meetings

    Both fleet meetings and Order meetings will be held for important developments within the fleet, forum and game. Casual fleet chats are held every few months. Order members organize and reside over all meetings and chats.

    Article V : Dues

    No fixed dues are imposed on any fleet members. Anyone wishing to donate to the fleet forum may do so. All donations will be gratefully received. Donations are not fixed, so you can give as much or as little as you so choose. Donations will be used for upkeep.
    Donations from in game resources will also be handled the same way.

    Article V, Section I

    Anyone who donates to the fleet will receive a forum bonus medal or ribbon.

    Article VI : Alterations

    Amendments may be added or changed by way of sections only. The main Articles will always remain the same. Potential Amendments should be posted on the forum & agreed to by more then half of the fleets members. Should new Articles be required, 75% of the fleets members must agree.

    Article VI, Section I

    In cases where not enough members have voted the Order will vote on the outcome of the amendment.

    Article VI, Section II

    Articles may only be changed if the Order vote to do so by a unanimous vote. The proposed change would then be presented to the fleet. For the proposed change to be confirmed 75% of the fleet must agree.

    Article VII : Active Fleet Roster

    For voting purposes, an active fleet roster will be used to ascertain whether a 51% or 75% vote is reached. In order to be counted on the active fleet roster, a member must post on the KT forums once a month and maintain a reasonable presence in STO, as determined by consensus of the Order (as stated in Article III, The Order - fleet action participation). Exceptions are made for those who have given notice and publicly requested a leave of absence.

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