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    Saying Hi!


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    Saying Hi!

    Post by Ultraspot on 16/1/2010, 4:45 pm

    I'm casual MMO player and big ST fan. Normally I avoid guilds/clans/fleets, not wanting to get involved in the drama that seems to always accompany it. However, with STO, I decided to look over to see if there was a fleet that matched my interests.

    I was getting frustrated until I found this one, and a post on the STO forums from Jayrelo"

    "oh, and just to add on this edit here, i want to expand on what i said about ranking. it will be mostly cosmetic, to signify seniority and dedication. i don't like people ordering around other people, i think thats the worst part of fleets/guild. it will not be allowed, unless it is a pvp situation, then there obviously needs to be leadership with a set strategy and one voice to lead. but otherwise, we are talking loose parameters."

    As a career military guy and a 'veteran' convention goer, the thing I hated most were the (expletive) guys who wore Captain or Admiral rank walking around like they owned the place. After perusing many a fleet website, I gave up, figuring that they all migrated here. I was elated when I saw this fleet.

    Never been a part of a group before during my play, and unfortunately, as a military guy, real life often gets in the way of my game time, but I plan on sticking around STO for a while, and out of all the fleets this one feels like it's closest to my playstyle and personal convictions.

    I hope to hear from you soon and see you online!


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    Re: Saying Hi!

    Post by Kelthar.Arcticwolf on 16/1/2010, 6:28 pm

    G'day Ultraspot, nice to meet you. If you would like to join the Fleet (as there is no actual interview or selection process for joining) just join the forum and put your details into the Applications thread. From there it's just the Welcoming Committee between you and the bar. Very Happy

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    Re: Saying Hi!

    Post by dru_mcd on 16/1/2010, 11:55 pm

    A hearty welcome to you, Joe!

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    Re: Saying Hi!

    Post by Talorn on 17/1/2010, 12:09 am

    Welcome! I am ex-US Air Force so nice to see a fellow soldier join our ranks! Hope it turns out to be a satisfactory decision! I know it has been for me!

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    Re: Saying Hi!

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