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    Ten Ton Hammer interview with Zeke Sparks


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    Ten Ton Hammer interview with Zeke Sparks

    Post by Coco on 21/12/2009, 10:12 am

    A new interview with content producer Zeke focusing on PvP has been put up over at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Re: Ten Ton Hammer interview with Zeke Sparks

    Post by Cyberdurc22 on 21/12/2009, 10:32 am

    Nice find, thanks Coco.


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    Re: Ten Ton Hammer interview with Zeke Sparks

    Post by marscentral on 21/12/2009, 12:07 pm

    Cool. This is kind of interesting on the Klingon PvE front and sounds ripe for expansion:

    Ten Ton Hammer: Going into the story a little bit, what's the Klingon motivation? Can they capture areas and pursue objectives other than hunting Federation players?

    Zeke: Yeah. The entire universe has several stories that run through it and towards the higher end, Klingon players are involved in those stories. The Romulans are right on their border and reeling from having just lost their home planet and are becoming more aggressive. There's also the Cardassian area where the Dominion is trying to reestablish a presence. Some of the True Way Cardassians [a Cardassian terrorist group – Ed.] are trying to sign up with the Dominion to sort of take back their territory, so they're getting more aggressive as well. The Klingons can wind up getting involved in those things as well.
    Sir James of Cadiz

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    Re: Ten Ton Hammer interview with Zeke Sparks

    Post by Sir James of Cadiz on 21/12/2009, 2:15 pm

    and all the crying fm the klingon side...
    i swear - its as if no one has ever known an MMO to do updates and they expect it all at launch...
    while limited to begin with, they have by far more potential for new things as the game ages.

    (i hate klingons) Smile

    did i say that?

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    Re: Ten Ton Hammer interview with Zeke Sparks

    Post by Sponsored content

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