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    League rules


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    League rules

    Post by Blackknight8x on 16/9/2010, 2:32 pm

    KT PvP league rules:

    1. 4 teams per league. League teams may be increased to 6 per league depending on the number of teams intrested

    2. Each team will consist of a minimum of 5 players. A maximum of 3 substitutes may also be named and included in each team. Making a maximum of 8 players per team

    3. Players may fly any class of ship including C-store ships.

    4. No faction cross over is to be used with any teams. So no federation players on a klingon fleets team and vice versa

    5. Each team plays each other twice (one home and one away match) with a total of 6 games per season. Each game will be 3 rounds.

    6. 3 points will be given to the winning team of each match and 0 for the losing team. In the unlikely event that one team wins the first round, the other wins the 2nd and the 3rd one is a tie (or any combination of the 3) both teams will gain 1 point.

    7. After each round you must take and post a screen shot of the PvP report and post it on the STO or KT forum and include the date of the match

    8. At the end of each season the top and bottom teams in that league will be moved up or down a league where applicable

    9. In the event of a tie for promotion the team with the better kills Vs deaths over all games played in that season will be promoted

    10. In the event of a tie for demotion the team with the lowest Kills Vs deaths over all games played in that season will be demoted

    11. Each team has a 'home' and 'away' match. The home team gets to pick the following match details;

    * Ground or space

    * Map used

    Details of the home teams choice must be posted at least 48 hours before the match is due to commence. Failure to do so will mean the match details will be picked at random and posted on the forum. All matches used will have 15 kills per match to win

    12. Each fleet may enter up to two teams, however each player, including substitutes, must only play for one team and may not be used in any other teams even if they are in different leagues. Doing so will result in that player being banned from the league and the team he/she plays for losing 6 points

    13. Every team must post the main 5 players they intend to use at the start of each season, including the character and @ name of the players used. You may add the subs you wish to use at any point in the following season, however they must be named on the KT forum before the start of a match.

    14. League matches will be played on Sunday at 3:30pm EST / 8:30PM GMT. Or if both teams agree you may change the time of the match to any point on the same day. Both teams must confirm the new details on the KT forum.

    15. In cases where a 'no show' happens the no show team will lose by default granting 3 points and a maximum kill to death ratio to the other team and gaining the maximum kill to death ratio for the no show, unless the two teams are from the same fleet. In this case both teams will recieve 0 points and the maximum negative kill to death ratio for that match. A no show is declared 15 minutes after the match was due to start with no contact from the teams representative.

    16. For each team a team captain and or a fleet contact must be named as a representative for that team and will facilitate the start of each match for their team. Both team representatives may contact each other via the Knights Templar ventrilo server if needed. If your opponent doesn't show for the match or your waiting for an invite please join the Knights Templar ventilo server. This should ensures no team states the other team didn't show when they did

    17. Teams will now have a 'transfer window' between game week 3 and 4. At any point with in this 6 day period each team may change 2 of the main 5 players and 1 of the substitutes.

    18. Team drop outs;

    * In the event a team drops out of the league mid season all games in that season past and future will be changed to a 15-0 defeat

    * The extra spot left in each league will be filled by the 2nd placed team in each lower league. Meaning two teams would be promoted that season

    19. Initial league placements will be decided by an ingame role by each teams representative. The highest four rolls will be placed in league one. The next highest four rolls will be placed in league two, and so on and so forth

    20. At the start of each season a link to a google doc will be posted with the fixtures and results of each match. This is the link for the first season and will be updated as the season progresses
    * Optional - post or PM your voice server contact details for easy contact between fleets

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    Number of posts : 1778
    Age : 35
    Location : Exeter, UK
    Registration date : 2009-02-12
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    Re: League rules

    Post by Blackknight8x on 22/10/2010, 2:56 pm

    Changes to the KT PvP league rules for season 2

    Team Player changes

    To help teams with fielding enough players for each match the following changes will be made to the team selection process. Each team now only needs to name 5 main players when the league starts. The substitutes can be named at any point after the league has started but must be named on the KT forum BEFORE the match starts.
    Further more, teams will now have a 'transfer window' between game week 3 and 4. At any point with in this week each team may change 2 of the main 5 players they have named and 2 of the subs.

    Single player inclusion

    In an effort to try and include as many people as possible we will now be adding teams Alpha, beta, Gamma and Delta to league 3 for season 2, as well as adding a 'team pool' thread on the KT forums. We will need four players to be team captains for each of these teams. This will work on a first come, first served basis.
    Each of these team captains will also need to name a 'number 1' for their team so those two people can act as the contact point for their team. Players wishing to join one of these teams will need to add their name to the player pool and/or send a request to one of the team captains to join a team.

    This season change

    Teams in season 1 may change 1 of their main 5 and 1 substitute as part of the transfer window for this season. All team changes must be confirmed by Friday 29th of October.


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