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    Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!



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    Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!

    Post by Fyasko on 25/4/2010, 4:09 am

    Hello, Knights Templar!

    I want to thank Pogmahone for sitting in on the Gamere's Lounge Podcast. The podcast has been released and here is the rundown and cast:

    On this weeks Gamer’s Lounge Podcast…..

    GL Podcast 3.6 – STO Roundtable II

    Yay!! GL Podcast #10!!

    We tackle STO’s Upcoming Additions:
    The Difficulty Slider
    The Death/Damage Penalty

    We look at the latest Special Task Force Episode “Khitomer Accords”.
    What should be the Next Playable Race in Star Trek Online? We give our choices and the reasons why!
    The Return of “Clan Focus”!!
    Thoughts, Discussions, and MORE!!!

    Hosts: Fyasko ,Acidrain and Don Shaffer (our own “Don Vito”) from the Exile Alliance and OPG Staff.
    Special Guests: Nova from Lotus Fleet and The Hailing Frequency Podcast.
    Judicator from the Exile Alliance
    Rodel, Athos and Doc from Fleet187 and The Red Shirt Army Podcast.
    Pogmahone from The Knights Templar Fleet.
    James and Tupac from The Omicron Fleet

    Thank you, Pog, lets do it again!!!
    Jean Parisot

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    Re: Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!

    Post by Jean Parisot on 25/4/2010, 5:35 am

    Wow. It seems like we have some very interesting changes ahead.

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    Re: Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!

    Post by Coco on 25/4/2010, 8:21 am

    Hey Fyasko, thanks for popping in and putting this up. You've got a nice pod going with some interesting discussions!
    On a side note, I do think that repair items will be craftable similar to hypos. There's a 'general' room in mem alpha that has some tables with floating icons, one of which is a med kit. It's not in use atm but could very well be one of the things they are going to add to crafting with the update.

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    Re: Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!

    Post by Pogmahone on 25/4/2010, 8:30 am

    Hey fyasko
    Thanks for the invite to be on. I had a great time and look forward to doing it again.

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    Re: Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!

    Post by Cyberdurc22 on 25/4/2010, 11:31 am

    Hi Fyasko,

    Thanks for dropping by and providing this to us. Pogmahone had advised us to keep an ear out, he provide us a link to your site and I listened to some of the other podcasts, great stuff guys...keep'em coming, thanks again.

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    Re: Hello from The RPHX /Gamer's Lounge Podcast!!

    Post by Sponsored content

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